Ready, Set, Done.

Write for ten minutes. Do anything for ten minutes without an interruption? Heaven. Ok here goes.

I was waiting to turn left off of a 4 lane road and I guess I was blocking someone else turning left onto the same road. This said person starts honking and gesturing wildly at me because I was waiting for traffic to clear. I don’t know about you but I’m not putting my life and my children’s lives in danger so that someone I don’t even know can pull out into traffic thirty seconds sooner. How about you drive your car and I’ll drive mine, okay? Why can’t other people just let you control your own actions?

Apparently I anger people often. I remember another time that I was checking out at Target. I guess my cart was blocking the belt after I had put my items on it. While I was paying, my cart was pushed into my leg and I was given a dirty look by the person behind me. Wow. Is everyone in such a hurry that we can’t be patient for the few seconds it would take for the person in front of us to pay and get out of the way? And what was with the dirty look? Why was I in the wrong?

I think in our hurry up society with everything we want at our fingertips in an instant we have lost sight of the concept of being patient and nice.

Ten minute rant….over. Deep breath….on with life.


One thought on “Ready, Set, Done.

  1. loupmojo

    I get you. You know what’s even worse, in a way? The fact that when I offer to let someone go ahead of me in a line, or pass me in a narrow space; when I smile and tell them I’m in no hurry, their reactions are almost as bad! I get disbelieving looks, get blanked completely as they barge by or get a begrudging ‘thanks’. Is it really so uncommon for someone to be polite and unhurried today that it elicit these reactions? Sadly, it would seem the answer is yes… Good post.



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