Just Me

Hi. I love gardening. Digging in the dirt soothes my soul. I didn’t always. I grew up in a middle of nowhere town with parents that were always busy. My parents had a two acre garden that I was expected to help in. I hated it, I think because it was expected. I have this rebellious streak where I don’t want to do something that someone directly tells me to do. I had everything that I always wanted except for friends. I always thought when I went away to college that I would meet people that I would like and have things in common with. I started out as an interior design student. Not a slight to anyone who does that kind of job but I couldn’t relate to anyone in my classes. I’m too much of an introvert. One day I was praying about my future when a plant fell off of my windowsill. I took it as a sign and searched for careers with plants. Horticulture was my niche. I liked the people I met. They were down to earth and excited about the same things that I was.
After college I got married and we moved around. I found some jobs that let me use my horticulture skills but it’s not as easy as it looks. A lot of places are family run and if you aren’t family, then you don’t get treated well or even hired.
So I became a mom. Not an easy job. Potty training is going to land me in an asylum any day now. So for now I tinker in my own yard and play with my kids. I do laundry and dishes. I keep our budget and on most days my temper.

Just for now.



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