Litmus, Litmus on the wall

One question to determine a friendship, What would it be and how would it be answered.

My question would be, How do you treat waiters and grocery clerks? I think it is telling of a person’s heart how they treat people who are just there to do their job. I have met and witnessed many people who treat others like dirt. Yelling at waiters when there was really no cause. Arguing with cashiers over the prices that ring up and accusing them of making the wrong change. There is no cause for this behavior. I can’t be friends with anyone who thinks this is acceptable.

Whatsoever you do to the least…. We are called to treat all people regardless of their station in life with dignity and respect. Even those whose occupation we believe is beneath us.


2 thoughts on “Litmus, Litmus on the wall

  1. loupmojo

    I do my level best to be polite to anyone who provides me with a service, but there is a particular shop near me where the folk make it hard. They are like their own little world and if you weren’t born and bred in the area, or are in the least but ‘odd’ (basically doing anything individual) you are treated with disrespect, given derisive stares or completely ignored whilst waiting in line. Sometimes it is the only place I can shop and they make it hard…



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