Just passing through

Airports are funny places. Hundreds of people pass through everyday and hardly anyone ever speaks. Even on planes, small confined space, put on your headphones and check out. Once in a while someone will make small talk. But a meaningful, personal connection? Not too often.

I love to people watch in airports. I have family that insists on getting there two hours before boarding. And then sit at the gate. Because you can’t get on the plane if you aren’t sitting at the gate at boarding time. Anyway, it gives me two hours of prime viewing time. My husband thinks I’m weird because I’m always asking him, “How old do you think that person is?” “Are they together?” I’m comforted when I see other parents with children. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who struggles. I also like it when people wear their pajamas on the plane. Really? You can’t even try? And then there are the seasoned business travelers. In suits on the phone with matching luggage. They push to the front of the line and make sure everyone notices that they are important.

Airport bars are a whole different environment. People talk there. It’s easy to talk to someone who you will most likely never see again.



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