Turn off the TV

When I was a kid, we had cartoons on for an hour after school and then on Saturday mornings. Saturday mornings were magical. You got up without mom and dad and had the TV all to yourself for a couple of hours. When the cartoons were over, the TV went off and you played.

Today, there are cartoons available 24/7. They aren’t special anymore. There isn’t just a certain set aside for them. My kids complain when I turn it off because there’s always one more show coming on. One more that they NEED to watch.

So I came up with a list of things my kids can do instead.

  • Read. By yourself, to each other. I’m even willing to read to you. Pick up a book!
  • Go outside. Get some fresh air, run around, play catch, jump rope. MOVE!
  • Sing. You can even sing the theme songs to the blinking cartoons.
  • Playdoh. One of the greatest toys on earth. You can make anything. And then you can squish it and do it again.
  • Draw. Stickers, markers and paper will keep you occupied for hours.
  • Legos. Another amazing toy. So many possibilities for creative thinking and small motor skills.
  • Act. Recreate a scene from that amazing show you just watched. Or make up something that includes your favorite characters.

And then we can have TV time.


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