Faith is believing in something or someone. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is important to you. It could be because of the way you were brought up. It could be because of something that happened to you in your life. It could be because of something that didn’t happen to you. But everyone believes in something.

Instead of the Elf on the shelf, my kids are trying out the wandering wise men this Christmas. (I thought the “watching” elf was a little creepy.) The Little People Wise Men wandered into the ceramic nativity that I had set up. My eldest made a comment about them finding their own Jesus. It got me thinking. Everyone has their own “Jesus” that they believe in.

Christians believe in Christ. Hindus, Buddhists and Islamists each have their own deity. Atheists believe that there is no God, that’s faith in something. Why then is it so hard for individuals to accept the faith of others? Why must we tear each other apart BECAUSE of what we believe? Shouldn’t it be more important that we believe in something? That we have our own goals and reasoning? Most faiths teach understanding and enlightenment, peace and tolerance. Shouldn’t we strive to achieve these things in our individual faiths instead of trying to disprove and tear down others because they believe differently?

Why does it feel like our society is pushing us to point out our differences instead of seeing our similarities? We are all humans. We all have feelings. We all just want to be accepted and loved. Why can’t that be enough?


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