the easy choice….the right choice?

The easy road. Straight, no turns or forks. So simple. I wish life was a highway like that. Instead we are faced with choices. SOOOO many choices. Where, when, why, who, how and what…..apply those to every aspect of your day and there are infinite possibilities. Choices that will affect your hour, day, year and life.

How do you know if you have chosen the right path? The right person? The right breakfast?? The answer is you don’t. The only assurance that you have is if you feel a measure of peace in your soul. Whether you believe in God or not, your spirit will feel settled with some choices and out of whack with others. How do you explain this to someone else? This unsettled feeling that can really make your life awful. It effects how you treat others and the other choices you make. How do you explain a feeling? Again, you can’t. But you can act on it. Make sure you feel settled before you fully commit to any choice. Even your bagel.


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