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A silent sunrise over an autumn reflected lake.

A brilliant blue sky over a mountain peak.

The smell of pine on a well traveled path.

The sound of the rain on a sturdy roof.

Running through the sprinkler on a hot day.

A campfire on a starry night.

Finishing a good book.

A soft sleeping baby.

A child’s belly laugh.

Holding hands.




Not getting my way. Nothing will make it right.

Can’t see past my disappointment. Can’t see any good.

Bitterness has a drug like pull. I can be a victim. I can hide behind my anger.

I can push aside all who try to help. I wallow in my self pity. Pouting in my cocoon.

Is there a way to move on? The only control I have is in my own reaction.

I can push through and let my disappointment propel me forward. I can find better things.

I don’t have to wallow in darkness and doubt. I can still be disappointed but I can feel more.

I can be proud and grateful. I can be appreciative of support and love.

I can see another day. I can find another way.