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give it away

Stress is a strange word. People use it as a noun, a verb and an adjective in the English language. We let it consume us, change us and control us. It follows us everywhere. You can change jobs, houses, cities, even relationships but there it is. From that report you can’t seem to finish to the kid that teases your kid at school, stress can change form. It keeps you from doing things that you want to do. It can make you sleep more or not sleep at all.

The question is, how can we change clear the stress mess out of our lives? We take off our clothes at night, why not our worries and “stresses”?

We can. There is one place and one person that we can give them to. He’s waiting at the office door. He’s waiting at your car door. He’s waiting at the door to your home. He’s waiting right beside you now. Ask for his help. Give him your burdens. He will make them light.

Matthew 11:28

Just ask.



Wouldn’t life be easy if you knew when things would happen? I would love to know if my child will be sick on the day of the birthday party or if we’re going to be late to catch the bus. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. Only one being knows what’s going to happen and his timing isn’t ours. I think this is the hardest part of faith for me. The waiting and wondering.

When my husband and I were first married, we split the chores in the house. I had a certain order and timing to when I did things. He didn’t. It was always, “I’ll do it. Just not right now.” I always got tired of waiting for him to complete his tasks so I would jump in and do it. Not fair. To him or to me. But just because his timing wasn’t the same as mine, it didn’t mean it was wrong. It was just different. I needed to trust and have faith in him that things would get done. It was hard. It still is.

Today I am waiting on some answers for some life changes that we are hoping to make. I know we need to be patient. Things will happen when they are supposed to. Obviously we need to do our part to make sure that we are working toward our goals. But even if we are completely prepared, God may have something else in mind for us. Our goals may not be his.

The important thing for me is to wait. Pray. And listen. Because I know the answer is coming. I just don’t know when.