Without Me

What if you had never been born? Whose lives have you touched even slightly that would be different?

Obviously, your parents, spouse and your children would be affected. But what about that person that you said hello to in line at the store? What about the boss who you helped change their perspective or the coworker that can now look at things from a different angle? We interact with dozens of people everyday and we don’t even think about the impact that we have on their lives. A smile, a wave, just an acknowledgement of their existence sometimes makes an impression on someone.

When you are out and about, look around. Who can you encourage today?



Two of Me

What if you had a twin that was taken away from you at birth? Would you recognize this person even if you didn’t look alike?
Is it like having a soul mate where you just know that this person is an important part of your life and you aren’t complete without them? If you never knew about a twin and you never ran into them would you feel like something is missing in your life?
Would this other half of you be the evil twin or would that description fit you?
I sometimes wish that I had a twin. Someone who would know what I am thinking without any explaining needed. Verbal expression is not my strong suit. This other person would be my complete opposite. They would be the heads to my tails. They would be the marketer for my analytical research.
Maybe they are actually both inside of me. I need to be strong enough to be both sides of the coin. I don’t need another person to complete me. I need to believe in myself.


Wouldn’t life be easy if you knew when things would happen? I would love to know if my child will be sick on the day of the birthday party or if we’re going to be late to catch the bus. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. Only one being knows what’s going to happen and his timing isn’t ours. I think this is the hardest part of faith for me. The waiting and wondering.

When my husband and I were first married, we split the chores in the house. I had a certain order and timing to when I did things. He didn’t. It was always, “I’ll do it. Just not right now.” I always got tired of waiting for him to complete his tasks so I would jump in and do it. Not fair. To him or to me. But just because his timing wasn’t the same as mine, it didn’t mean it was wrong. It was just different. I needed to trust and have faith in him that things would get done. It was hard. It still is.

Today I am waiting on some answers for some life changes that we are hoping to make. I know we need to be patient. Things will happen when they are supposed to. Obviously we need to do our part to make sure that we are working toward our goals. But even if we are completely prepared, God may have something else in mind for us. Our goals may not be his.

The important thing for me is to wait. Pray. And listen. Because I know the answer is coming. I just don’t know when.

Turn off the TV

When I was a kid, we had cartoons on for an hour after school and then on Saturday mornings. Saturday mornings were magical. You got up without mom and dad and had the TV all to yourself for a couple of hours. When the cartoons were over, the TV went off and you played.

Today, there are cartoons available 24/7. They aren’t special anymore. There isn’t just a certain set aside for them. My kids complain when I turn it off because there’s always one more show coming on. One more that they NEED to watch.

So I came up with a list of things my kids can do instead.

  • Read. By yourself, to each other. I’m even willing to read to you. Pick up a book!
  • Go outside. Get some fresh air, run around, play catch, jump rope. MOVE!
  • Sing. You can even sing the theme songs to the blinking cartoons.
  • Playdoh. One of the greatest toys on earth. You can make anything. And then you can squish it and do it again.
  • Draw. Stickers, markers and paper will keep you occupied for hours.
  • Legos. Another amazing toy. So many possibilities for creative thinking and small motor skills.
  • Act. Recreate a scene from that amazing show you just watched. Or make up something that includes your favorite characters.

And then we can have TV time.

More Time

If there were an extra hour everyday, what would I do with it?

Anything but sit.

Surrounded by noise and confusion all day.

My kids just want to play.

So another hour added,

Would just mean our play time is padded.

No more hurrying on to the next thing,

We would have time to run and sing.

I can imagine all the smiles when we can be silly together.

Please add another,

So I can be a better mother.


Time For Now

Congrats! You’re the owner of a new time machine. The catch? It comes in two models, each traveling one way only: the past OR the future. Which do you choose, and why?


I am completely happy with my past. If I went back I would probably change something and then wouldn’t be as happy with it.

If I went into my future, then I would miss out on so many things happening now. Because the time machine only goes one way I wouldn’t be able to return to my now to enjoy the way my life will play out.

If you know the ending to the story, why read it? Enjoy the ride.


Just passing through

Airports are funny places. Hundreds of people pass through everyday and hardly anyone ever speaks. Even on planes, small confined space, put on your headphones and check out. Once in a while someone will make small talk. But a meaningful, personal connection? Not too often.

I love to people watch in airports. I have family that insists on getting there two hours before boarding. And then sit at the gate. Because you can’t get on the plane if you aren’t sitting at the gate at boarding time. Anyway, it gives me two hours of prime viewing time. My husband thinks I’m weird because I’m always asking him, “How old do you think that person is?” “Are they together?” I’m comforted when I see other parents with children. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who struggles. I also like it when people wear their pajamas on the plane. Really? You can’t even try? And then there are the seasoned business travelers. In suits on the phone with matching luggage. They push to the front of the line and make sure everyone notices that they are important.

Airport bars are a whole different environment. People talk there. It’s easy to talk to someone who you will most likely never see again.